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We offer four green cleaning products to help you reduce your environmental footprint. Whether it’s for construction cleanup or an ice melter for your entrance, you will find what you need at P.S. Sanitaire.

Sweeping Compound

Sweeping up dust on a work site is difficult task, since the sweeping action actually kicks up the dust, which then settles on surrounding equipment. The sweeping compound offered by P.S. Sanitaire holds down dust and dirt, which is then easily removed when you sweep.

P.S. Sanitaire Sweeping Compound is a must at any construction site. It allows workers to clean up dist and debris much faster, thereby increasing their productivity. Our product is definitely the best on the market – get yours today!

Ice Melter

Since we care about the environment, we also created an eco-friendly ice melter. This is our way of contributing to the preservation of our plants and wildlife. Ask us for a sample and try it out!

Our ice melter contains no additives or chemical treatment and is very effective – even in the coldest weather. For guaranteed results, even at extreme temperatures like -35o C, choose P.S. Sanitaire Ice Melter in the 20kg bag.


We created an industrial absorbent mix that reflects our commitment to the environment. After much research, we concluded that granulated clay was the best material.

Our granulated clay absorbs most liquids including hydrocarbons, industrial fluids and chemicals. Use it to eliminate stains on your floors, driveways and other ground surfaces.


Our sawdust arrives directly from the mills. This softwood product is first screened and then dried until moisture content is below 12%.

There are a multitude of applications for sawdust. It is more efficient than other absorbents for picking up viscous products like tar or grease. The use of sawdust as an absorbent is usually allowed where clay is not. Buy our sawdust in 10 lb. packages.

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